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15 February 2017 @ 11:50 pm

It's been a while since I made this account posted my stuff and it's obvious I still suck not one comment since I took a break sad!

28 February 2015 @ 03:46 pm
Title-(/b) Hikari (chapter 21
rating- PG 13
summary- Card night gets interesting when your crush is invited.

Talking With My Friends.

"I’m glad you came over" Tsu said taking a seat at the table passing out the cards to me and sugiya.
"Things are so awkward lately with me and Mana and I’m not sure what to do." I admitted
"Mana is awkward so I’m sure its not just with you Kozi says he's been stressing hardcore about this 11th house stuff." Sugiya explained
"I'm used to that he's always like that when another house is being filled i mean between us two i catch him looking at me sometimes and he's been making a effort to be nice if i wasn't sure i wasn't imaging things i would believe mana might like me" I admitted
"If he does don't let things build until you both are a mess like mia and meto did it isn't pleasant to watch" Tsu said
"How on earth am i supposed to find something like that out? i have no choice but to let it go and helplessly blurt out stupid comments about the things he says just to let him know im in the room." I said
"You’re so damn stubborn mana's not going to come out and ask you he's not the type so if he did like you i swear he would take it to his grave and send you postcard from the coffin." Sugiya chuckled
"You know my rule..." i was cut off by tsu
"I never approach people first" Tsu said get a new motto that ones blows take a chance kyo what harm can it do?
"If mana doesn't like me it can do a lot of harm i would have to leave hikari because i wouldn’t be able to live with the embarrassment. Gackt would never be able to live it down he would bring it up or die." I explained
"You wouldn’t leave Hikari your a elder" sugiya chuckled
"If it goes bad watch and see" I said
"Your thinking too much into it relax a bit Mana's obviously sending you some messages being nice and reaching out to you a bit so return the favor." Tsu said
"How?" I asked
"Well were all 3 setting here enjoying card night call him up and invite him over to join us." Tsu said
"That’s brilliant mana uses games to calm his anxieties" Sugiya said
"Wouldn't it be a little weird me just randomly calling him up i never have before" I explained
"Do it if he says yes its probably true if he blows you off its probably a no" Sugiya said
"So I’m just suppose to rely on that as a response to if he likes me or not?" I asked
"Okay so i'm not exactly good at this i just know mana and i don't think he would say no to the guy he likes if invited over to hang out." Sugiya explained
Tsu walked over to the countertop picking up the phone and handing it to me.
"It's late what if he's asleep?" i asked
"Stop making excuses it's barely 1am" Tsu said lighting a cigarette.
I took a deep breath and dialed Mana's number it rung a couple times and my heart was beating so hard it kind of hurt.
"Hello" Mana said into the receiver
"Hey I’m sorry to call so late it's kyo me, tsu and sugiya were having card night and i was wondering if you wanted to join us?" i asked
Sugiya smiled at me giving me thumbs up.
"I was actually hanging out with Gackt could he join me?" Mana asked
"Yeah were at Tsu's place" I said
"Alright we'll be there soon" Mana said cheerful as he hung up.
I laid my head on the table.
"What’s wrong?" Tsu asked
"He's coming right?" Sugiya asked
"He's bringing Gackt" I growled
Sugiya smiled a little trying to not let me see.
"You like Gackt?" I asked
"He's good looking" Sugiya said
"Come on you can do so much better than that jerk" I said taking one of tsu's cigaretes.
"Gackt is a jerk but you've got to realize something he's also mana's best friend so you’re going to have to put up with him and maybe i could help with that" Sugiya explained
I just nodded my head taking a long puff of my cigarette i didn't even want to respond to that.
"Tsu do you like anyone you've never said anything?" Sugiya asked
"It doesn't leave this room got it" Tsu demanded.
"I promise" Sugiya said
I fake zipped my mouth with the cigarette still in between my lips.
"I like Ruki and don't you even think about playing match maker sugiya i'm working myself up to it and i feel confident doing it this way" Tsu explained
"I can't believe you never told us" Sugiya said
"You want to go at your own pace i can relate" i said
"I'm sorry i just wanted to help i didn't mean to push it if you don't want to do i will go over to mana's right now and make up something it’s not worth you being upset at me" Sugiya said sad
"I'm not upset with you You’re a good friend and i would like to see mana tonight i just hope he's not blonde for some reason he seems obsessed with changing his hair color." I explained
"I kind of pushed you too I’m sorry man" Tsu said to me.
"Don't sweat it I’ll be repaying the favor" I chuckled
Tsu flicked a card at me.
There was a knock at the door Sugiya went to answer it letting Mana and Gackt inside they took their seats at the table. Sugiya moved down letting gackt in beside of him and tsu moved letting mana set next to me. While Tsu dealt the cards sugiya and gackt made small talk. I decided to talk to mana a little too since i did ask him to come.
"I'm glad you came" I said
"Me too and thanks by the way for your opinion on the hair color blonde isn't right for me i just want a change" mana lied.
"Like i said the dark blue color is very pretty" I said
"I will definitely consider it i mean its one of my favorites after all." Mana smiled
I smiled back.
"You excited about meeting Yume Youkai tomorrow?" mana asked me
"Not really" i chuckled
"Me either really kamijo is annoyingly cheery about it i just can't wait till it’s over." Mana explained
"It will be done in a couple weeks so stop stressing" Gackt said scolding mana.
After a couple games of poker we all grew a little bored it was getting really late and Gackt and Sugiya left already together. I decided to ask mana if he wanted to join me at my house for a night cap when we left Tsu's. Mana accepted and i unlocked my door welcoming him inside i was nervous and excited but relieved if anything went down shinya was back with die where he belonged and i was once again living alone. Mana sat at the countertop while i grabbed a couple cups from the cabinet setting them on the counter while i grabbed a leftover bottle of shinya's wine pouring it into each of the glasses and taking the seat across from him.
"Kyo may i ask you something?" mana asked
"Of course" i said feeling my cheeks grow hot.
"Why did you invite me over tonight?" Mana asked
"To play cards" I said carefully.
"Not to Tsu's mana smiled to your house" Mana corrected giving me a seductive look i was getting nervous
"Just being friendly i guess" I said quickly i was getting flirty signals from Mana and it was turning me on. I was picturing me undressing him and him running his nails across my stomach i had to shake the images out of my head i was started to get hard.
"Kyo are you okay?" Mana asked
"Mana the real reason i invited you over is because i wanted to tell you.....i....i...i really like your hair" I said placing my hands on head getting frustrated with my stupid response
"Your adorable when you’re nervous" Mana said
I looked up at him smiling at me.
"Mana do you like me?" I asked
"I have for a long time and i hoped you invited me over here to show me you did too" Mana said leaning in and kissing my lips even though i wanted to make love to him so bad instead i asked him to spend the night i wanted to be closer to him then just intimate so i held him close kissing his lips and running my fingers along his curves hoping i would soon run my lips along them at a later point. I hoped Mana didn't mind me caressing his skin as he laid in only his boxers next to me i smiled when i realized he was already fast asleep
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28 February 2015 @ 03:31 pm
Title- Hikari (chapter 20)
Rating- PG 13
Summary- At the chat house meetings are always interesting especially when there is progress and you don't have to go blonde to get it.
Notes- Yume youkai or in english dream demon are a made up band (from my imagination)

At The Chat House

Mana POV
"Okay so what’s the news? Kamijo" i asked slouching in my seat sneaking looks at kyo who sat across from me.
"The Band Yume Youkai is coming to tour the community and meet us they should be arriving tomorrow morning. Kamijo explained
"How's the house?" I asked kyo
"It’s done and looking good." Kyo said he seemed a bit distracted i often wondered if i was on his mind how could he be thinking of me i wasn't blonde and i couldn’t sing like zin i was starting to depress myself.
"I'm thinking about going blonde" i said aloud
"what does that have to do with anything?" Kamijo chuckled
"Nothing your boring me so has the meeting with the interviewer been done?" i asked
Kyo looked up for the first time the whole meeting his eye caught mine but i looked away upset my feelings were making me mad at him and it made me feel awful.
"Yes it’s already been nothing left but the party. Invitations are nearly complete and should be sent out next week." Kamijo said
"As requested Atsushi you leave for tour the day after the party right?" Gackt asked
Atsushi shook his head.
"there’s been a slight change in plans but i will be leaving just a little later then planed." atsushi explained
I nodded not really concerned.
"Maybe after the party things will get back to normal around here" I said
"Im sure they will" Gackt said rubbing my shoulder.
"If that’s all i need to go i got a huge wine shipment to order for the party." Kamijo said
"Sure that’s fine." I said waving him away
"Come on Atsushi i need your help with this wines are your thing" Kamijo said as him and atsushi left.
"If you don't have anything left to tell us you can go too" I said playing with my hair
"Yeah one more thing don't go blonde I’m really fond of the black or the dark blue." Kyo said
I gave him a weird look i was stunned and very happy he noticed.
"It's your decision tho" Kyo said walking away lighting a cigarette maybe i freaked him out a little with the looks i was giving him.
Gackt leaned back in his chair smiling at me.
"See their progress" Gackt said
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28 February 2015 @ 03:18 pm
Title- Hikari (chapter 19)
Rating-PG 13
Summary- In hikari it seems like everyone already knows everything before you even the things about you.

Zin & Teru

"So let me get this straight Gackt tells you you’re no good for kyo because kamijo says so?" i asked
"It’s almost like gackt was guarding kyo for someone else" Zin said
"Sounds like gackt just wanting to be a asshole so he found out you like kyo and now he just wants to aggravate you" Teru said
"I don't know how he would know i never said anything about it to anyone but you two." Zin said
"Did Kamijo know?" i asked
"No the only conversation me and kamijo had was about bands to perform...now that i think about it kyo was mentioned because of the band grieva" Zin explained
"Maybe he just put it together" Teru said
"He had too" Zin said

"I would know something we could use against Kamijo but....never mind" Teru said
"No what are you talking about?" Zin asked
"Kamijo likes Hime i think it burns him up that Hime likes......well you" teru said
Zin looked shocked as he took another drink of his beer.
"No wonder Kamijo told gackt you liked kyo it wasn't because he knew it was to start trouble and to get back at you because Hime likes you." I explained
"Hime couldn’t like me like that could he?" zin asked
"It's true Hime has told me himself" Teru said
"If Kamijo tells Hime it would break his heart i think gackt it right i should just leave kyo alone we were never suited for each other anyways he barely knows i exist anyways" Zin said taking the last drink in his bottle.
We all walked out of the bar together as it was closing i wished i could say something helpful or encouraging but i couldn’t think of anything but i hated seeing zin so down in the dumps. Gackt needed a taste of his own medicine now to find out how that’s the goal.
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28 February 2015 @ 02:59 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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28 February 2015 @ 02:44 pm
Title- Hikari (chapter 17)
Rating- Pg 13
Summary-Help is on the way mia and meto come over as a favor to there friends and kozi may find out the truth about koichi's sexuality.

Kuina POV

Subaru really surprised me he wasn't as awkward as his usual self during our double dates. He was loose and friendly i could tell it made mia and meto open up a little more which thrilled me. I pulled him close and kissed him hard i threw in some tongue running my fingers threw his hair taking advantage of the moment since mia and meto went to the bathroom i took advantage of it a little too much making myself horny.
"What was that for?" Subaru asked
"For being amazing tonight whats gotten into you your usually so quiet?" I asked
"If i tell you then you’re going to tease me" Subaru said
"No i wouldn't so tell me" I said
"I was always so uncomfortable because i thought you might have been attracted to Meto so i was a bit jealous when around him." Subaru explained
"Oh my god...." I said
"See your going to tease" subaru said crossing his arms looking away.
"That is adorable...Subaru baby meto may be good looking to some but for me the only kind of handsome i want is you." I explained kissing his exposed neck
"I don't ever want to lose you is all" Subaru said turning to look at me.
"I'm not going anywhere and obviously you realized that or you wouldn’t be so nice tonight." I said smiling.
Meto and mia came walking back to the table Subaru cuddled me close throwing his arm around me.
"You two are such a cute couple" Mia said
"Very happy and natural looking" Meto agreed
"It's always been like this since we met i remember Kuina was so nervous when tomoya brought him to meet me for the first time. I had to double take and it was horrible i stuttered the whole night" Subaru explained
"When did you realize you liked each other who made the first move? Meto asked as mia cuddled close to him.
"It was the same night actually we went to a party and tomoya was off chatting and i was just hanging in the corner shyly near Kuina i was trying to build myself up to talk but Kuina caught me off guard and came over told me i was cute gave me a smile and a kiss on the cheek." Subaru explained
"After talking a while and flirting i just decided to tell him i liked him. I didn't want to enter the band with secrets and i wasn't sure if it would be okay if i was into subaru but I’m glad it all worked out" I explained
"What about you guys how did you begin?" subaru asked
"Hiding our feelings of attraction i wasn't sure of how he felt and i didn't want to cause problems in the band if he didn't feel the same" Mia explained
"I felt it too but i was worried and scared i sometimes felt like mia was too good for me. I ended up worrying the guy’s mia majorly when i began to get depressed about it." Meto explained
"I couldn’t take it i went to his house to check on him i ended up spending the night holding him the whole time by the morning he didn't seem so sad anymore. I got to thinking about what had happened at practice that evening i sort of had this gut feeling that meto felt how i felt so i grabbed him i without thinking of the moment and kissed him i was scared to death" Mia explained
"What happened after the kiss?" i asked
"I dragged mia into another room and we uhm expressed our feelings" Meto chuckled
"Did your band feel weird about it?" Subaru asked
"Not really me and meto were always together hanging out even before we became a couple nothing really changed." Mia said
"Yours?" meto asked
"I think kazuki got a little down about it since subaru and him hung out a lot but tomoya and koudai were always so understanding and encouraging" I explained
"Did kazuki like subaru?" meto asked
"No it was just a friend type worry that i had kuina and there was no time for him or something like that it quickly faded." Subaru explained
I looked down at my phone getting a text from Koudai.
Koudai- I got a major favor it may be odd but can you see if meto and mia will come over to kozi's place. Kozi really liked koichi and may have kissed him but fears koichi doesn't feel the same since koichi said nothing so before he could kozi got nervous and left Kozi really wants to know and maybe meto and mia might know something about if koichi is gay or not!!!!
"Everything okay?" subaru asked me
"Excuse me if this is a bit rude but Koudai wants to know if koichi is gay and if he likes Kozi?" I asked bluntly
"whats going on?" subaru asked
"Apparently kozi went to see koichi and he ended up kissing him but got no reaction so he quickly left. I guess he thinks koichi isn't gay or something." I explained
"Sure we can help" Mia said meto nodded
"Koichi is bisexual and has been chasing Kozi for a while now" Meto smiled
"If he said nothing it was probably out of shock or he was still a little drunk" Mia chuckled
"Can you come with us to Kozi's and tell him that?" I asked
"I got a better idea you go on to Kozi's we'll meet you there" Meto said as they quickly left.
-Were on our way Koudai!!!

At Kozi's house
Me and Subaru knoked on the door Koudai answered letting us in we took a seat.
"Where is meto and mia?" yoka asked
"On their way" Subaru said
Kei nodded giving kozi a hug before him and yoka walked to the door.
"Call me later let us know how it went?" Kei said as they left.
A few very long minutes went by when finally there was a knok on the door. I opened it letting meto, mia and surprisingly a very nervous koichi. Kozi swallowed hard putting his hands together biting his lip.
"We figured since your questions were kind of personal we would let Koichi answer them because I’m sure there are some things he would like to say." Mia said
I grabbed Subaru's hand motioning for Koudai to follow.
"Maybe we should give them some privacy" I suggested
We all went out the door meto and mia following behind.
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28 February 2015 @ 02:29 pm
Title- Hikari (chapter 16)
Rating- PG 13
Summary- Nervous and worried after putting the moves on his best friend kozi gets some help from friends to find out if maybe koichi just isn't gay.

At Kozi's
Koudai POV

I knocked on the door Kozi welcomed me inside he seemed sad we settled on the couch and kei was there too i liked kei but we never hung out much he was the guitarist for diaura and a real close buddy of Kozi's.
"So what happened what’s wrong?" I asked as kei handed me a beer before setting down on the couch.
"I might have made a move on koichi" Kozi said taking a long drink of his beer.
"What?!?" Me and Kei said at the same time
"I didn't even know you liked him" Kei said
"I wasn't sure myself it just sort of happened he looked so cute in his boxers and when he got defensive it was just too adorable" Kozi confessed
"Boxers?" Kei asked
"Defensive about what?" i asked
"He was sleeping off the hangover when i went to see him so he wasn't fully dressed nothing like your thinking kei. He was defensive because i said he was skinny and then he was like maybe i should gain some weight or something and i told him he was fine the way he was i grabbed him and kissed him it was a stupid move he looked at me like i was mentally challenged." Kozi said putting his face in his hands.
"You know Miyavi is after koichi and koichi pays him no mind maybe he's not pitching for your team if you know what i mean" Yoka said stepping out of the kitchen eating some cup noodles. Yoka was the vocalist for the band kei was in i had not noticed he was there until that moment.
"Thanks for your kind words of encouragement" Kozi said shooting him a evil look.
"Look kozi i wasn't trying to hurt you I’m just saying it’s a possibility your adorable why wouldn’t he like you unless he's just not gay" Yoka explained
"I’m not mad I’m sure it could be possible i just hope it’s not true" Kozi said
"I know how you could find out" i said
"I can’t just ask him that would be even more awkward then the kiss" Kozi said
" No not that Kuina is out on a double date with meto and mia if anyone would know if koichi is gay it would be his band" I suggested

"What if meto and mia are weird about it being asked such a question?" Kei asked
"I'm sure they wouldn’t if it was your friend wouldn’t you want to get the facts out there?" i asked
"Setting there hoping he is isn't going to help you find out" Yoka scolded
"What if he likes Miyavi?" Kozi asked
"Tsu hates him and it never works liking someone your friends don't like" I explained
"Come on Kozi lets find out" Kei said
Kozi leaned back in his seat finished off his beer and nodded.
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28 February 2015 @ 02:15 pm
Title-Hikari(chapter 15)
Rating- PG 13
Summary- Double Date night with the boyfriends bestie is always awkward.

Kuina POV

"Koichi didn't look half bad in his boxers" Koudai said
"Did i miss something?" i asked walking onto the porch
"A few nights ago Koichi got real messed up tsu had to drag him out of the yard I’m surprised you didn't hear about it from Miyavi" Koudai explained
"It seems like maybe miyavi did mention something like that but he's always talking about koi so i sometimes tune it out" I explained
"Good morning beautiful" Subaru said coming up behind me and hugging me.
"Its evening you took a late nap" I chuckled
"I couldn't help it we seriously need to get a new bed its giving me backaches" subaru explained
I walked over to my boyfriend leaning on the rail to stretch a little rubbing my hand up the back of his shirt to massage his sore spots.
"You guys need one of those Serta beds or whatever the hell there called where you can have it as firm as you need it and he can have it as soft so everyone's happy." Tomoya suggested
"That isn’t such a bad idea" Subaru said turning to look at me.
"That’s what we'll do" I smiled kissing him.
"I wonder who the bands going to be for the 11th house?" Koudai said aloud
"Whoever it is i hope there friendly it’s impossible to be friends with vistlip i tried smiling at umi once and he looked at me like i was diseased" Kazuki said
"There still new give it time" i said
"Who are you texting?" Koudai asked tomoya
"Shinya him and die finally settled things i was really worried about that" Tomoya said
"I didn't know things were bad what happened?" i asked
"Shinya thought die liked toshi but that wasn't the case die liked him just like i thought." Tomoya explained smiling
"What’s the plan for tonight before i get bored?" subaru asked
"I'm grabbing drinks with shinya and kai." Tomoya said
"I told Kozi i would come over later he seems upset about something" Koudai said
"Kaz?" subaru asked
"Shopping with zin and tesu im sorry" Kazuki said
"Oh it’s alright me and kuina can have a date night" subaru said
"Oh my god yes maybe we can finally double date with mia and meto its been a while since we went out together??" i said excited if its okay with you? i asked

Subaru POV
"Go ahead and call him" i said a little annoyed
Kuina ran happily inside the house.
"You didn't seem so happy about that suggestion" Kazuki said
"I just get the hint of attraction between meto and kuina and it bothers me. I know meto is in love with mia and i don't think kuina would leave me it’s just this uneasy feeling" I explained
"Meto and Kuina are just friends i think everyone has a certain attraction to even their friends but in a different sort of way." Koudai explained
"I guess thats true" I said
"Besides Meto chose mia for a reason and Kuina chose you" Tomoya said
"It’s probably uneasy because if you go in with thoughts like that then you’re going to be releasing bad vibes" Kazuki said
I nodded.
"I will try to go in tonight with a clear head and stop being so damn over protective and jealous" I said
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28 February 2015 @ 02:06 pm
Title- Hikari (chapter 14)
Rating- PG 13
Summary- Vistlip's the newest members of hikari trying to fit in they share the latest gossip with each other.


I walked out on the porch and noticed Aoi and meto and mia seemed to be fussing over something i minded my own business heading to the side of the house to pick some of my vegetables in the tiny garden i had been growing.
"There's so much drama in this place" Tomo said from the front porch tohya and rui were beside him and yuh was washing his bike from the driveway.
"Isn't Gackt supposed to be in charge of that or something? Yuh asked bending down to look at the tires.
"I don't care what goes on as long as were no part in it" I said
"I pay attention to the details and how the people around react to one another." Tohya said
"Why?" Rui asked
"Because what else is there to do we don't socialize much." Tohya explained
Tomo nodded.
"For example did you know Kyo likes Mana i know unreal pair but it’s true. I was walking Kokoro and i happened to over here Gackt telling zin how he would never be good enough for kyo and kamijo called him cheap and really downing the poor guy. When Gackt got home after that i heard his conversation on the phone about how zin couldn't get close to kyo because mana wanted him." Tohya explained
"Stop walking my dog to snoop" Yuh said spraying the water hose at him.
"If kyo is into zin or mana why did he move shinya in with him the other day?" rui asked
"Ah ha see I’m not the only one that notices things I don't know i seen shinya kissing die so maybe he’s with die and they had some sort of lovers spat." Tohya guessed
"That sounds legit" Tomo said
"I have my suspicions about tsu and koichi it’s the way he looks at him." Tohya said
"I think your wrong on that one tsu looks at koichi like i look at you like a damn drunk" I said counting my veggies.
"Hey, i haven't been messed up in a long time." Tohya said
"Because you’re not aloud" yuh chuckled
"Why am i not aloud I’m not a fall down drunk and i don't puke so why not?" tohya asked
"Because when your drunk you try to sing and i can't handle that and it’s not just humming its hold your own full blown concert be the fans and the rest by yourself it’s a real mess" I explained
"It’s bad bro" Rui said
"Well at least I’m not like koichi he was puking in there garden laying in the yard in only his boxers i thought he was dead" Tohya explained
"I would kill you if you puked in my garden" I said passing by to wash the veggies in the sink.
"So what are we literally have no friends here we set around and watch the drama around and talk to each other how stupid is that?" Yuh complained walking up on the porch.
"Were like the jrock gated community outcasts" Tomo said
"No matter if we keep to ourselves we were still chosen to be a part of this place everyone’s in everyone's business but ours" I said standing in the doorway
"I don't want anyone knowing about me and rui anyways it’s less they can say" Tomo said
"Mia and meto are open about their relationship there so adorable and loving i never thought we were keeping a secret" Rui said upset
"You’re seriously taking it the wrong way people want what they can't have if people know your mine it becomes a completion. You see how Aoi stares at meto over there and how mia reacted about it i don't want to do that i would rather just hang out on the porch with you being normal then ravish you on the countertop inside our house." Tomo explained taking rui's hand
"Competition? You guys have been together for like 4 years doesn't that like qualify as married?" yuh said
"Aren't you afraid someone is going to see you hold my hand" rui teased
"If someone can stand me for 4 years I’m sold" Tohya said
Tomo leaned in and kissed rui's lips.
"If it bothers you that bad fine i can ravish you out here too where do you want to start yuh's bike or umi's garden?" Tomo asked kissing rui's neck lightly as rui giggled.
"Does that mean were married?" yuh asked tohya
"God i hope not" I said laughing
"It’s nice to be a little bit away from the other houses but soon were going to have neighbors and talking on the porch so openly might not be a good idea" I explained as i stepped out from the doorway looking at the place across from us it was almost complete.
"They need some woman in this place" Yuh whined
"A little birdie told me the group chosen has woman in it" Tohya said
"How did you hear that?" rui asked
"Bowling kyo and mana were talking" Tohya said
"I didn't see them there" tomo said
"They were around the corner at that one lane we didn't notice at first. When I was playing one of the video games i overheard them talking" Tohya explained
"I hope there like us" I said looking over at tohya who was trying to see up his nose from his phone.
"Never mind" i chuckled
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